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Admission Policy

Hiroshima University nurtures human resources willing to take up challenges and commit to action. Our institution also strives to develop creative individuals who can think and judge for themselves and express their thoughts and opinions in an effective way.

Specifically, Hiroshima University hopes to admit students with the following qualities,

  • Students having a well-rounded pesonality and wishing to contribute to peace
  • Students interested in the pursuit, creation and development of knowledge
  • Students wishing to obtain specialized knowledge and skills, thereby contributing to society
  • Students wishing to learn about various cultures and values, thereby playing active roles in the local and international communities

Each faculty and department, in accordance with their own educational goals and objectives, specifies their own admission policies, and undertakes various student selection processes that respect individuality.

Hiroshima University, together with the people selected in this way, aims to be a “unique, world-class, comprehensive research university”.