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This webpage showcases a wide range of remarkable research outcomes by researchers in the Arts and Humanities fields at Hiroshima University. We hope these summaries of our faculty members’ results will trigger an interest in their academic accomplishments.

Chinese poetry depicted once upon a time in Tokyo

A century ago, a Chinese student published a series of Chinese classical poems Dongjing Zashishi in Japan ・・・

Road to Somewhere: Silk Road artifacts reveal changing Chinese attitudes to afterlife

Dunhuang, an oasis town in Western China - located along the Silk Road, has supported peoples livelihoods since ancient times. Excavated artifacts from ・・・

Well-being comes through mindfulness

Do you hear the term “mindfulness” often? Mindfulness meditation has been recognized as an effective method ・・・

Cross-border Filipino Children

Currently, an increasingly number of children and youth experience transnational migration during their school-aged years. The Philippines has sent a sizable number of transnational migrants. Drawing on ・・・

Monsoon Winds Brought Tantric Buddhism from India to Japan

The Tantric Buddhist Indian priest, Vajraboddhi, is depicted in a painting on the wall of the first floor of Toji Temple Five-Story Pagoda in Kyoto, Japan. Scholars of have ・・・

The 16th Century Silver Rush in East Asia

In the 16th century, silver interlocked Japan’s civil wars among the warriors clans with the globally surging waves of the Age of Exploration. The history book by Dr. Hiroyuki Honda ・・・

Finding a new world in modern theatrical adaptations of classic Japanese novels

Yukio Mishima was a novelist and playwright at the forefront of literature in postwar Japan and his work has received international acclaim. Professor Arimoto ・・・

Can anyone understand Japanese-accented English?

As the world is being globalized, English is used in intercultural communication as a common language among people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Some of ・・・

The Social Network of Wild Boar Hunters

Wild boar hunting rapidly spread across Japan during the second half of the twentieth century. The social networks that ・・・


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