Graduate Schools

Hiroshima University's Unique Education: A Point of Pride to Show the World!

Graduate level studies at Hiroshima University consist of 11 graduate schools including Education, Biomedical & Health Sciences, Engineering, and many other majors. In addition, two unique program offerings: “The Phoenix Leader Education Program for Renaissance from Radiation Disaster” and “The Taoyaka Program for Creating a Flexible, Enduring, and Peaceful Society”, combine graduate level academic coursework with integrative research components.(※ See Academic Degrees and Courses

Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Scrutinizing people, the environment and civilization comprehensively and across disciplines

Graduate School of Letters

Creating new opinions and outlooks in the various fields of humanities and social sciences

Graduate School of Education

Investigating educational needs for the new age

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Creating the new knowledge needed to contribute to resolving the many issues facing society today

Graduate School of Science

Working towards deepening and developing the basic science that will support society in the future

Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter

Aiming to create ground-breaking theories and technologies to change the world

Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences

Undertaking research and education to create the broadest possible benefit

Graduate School of Engineering

Investigating the cutting edge technologies which will open up the way to the future

Graduate School of Biosphere Science

Striving for harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature

Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation

Cultivating personnel who can contribute to resolving the myriad problems facing developing nations

Hiroshima University Law School(Japanese page only)

Nurturing legal specialists who can meet society's judicial needs