University Identity

HU Crest

Hiroshima University Crest

The university crest is a stylized representation of a new life and a Phoenix leaf. Some minor adjustments were made to a design by one of the students of the Faculty of Engineering which was chosen in a university-wide design contest, and it was finalized in 1956. The phoenix is a sacred bird in Egyptian mythology that, after living for 500 years, set itself on fire within its nest and rose renewed from the ashes. The immortal bird is a symbol of Hiroshima University, which was reborn out of the ashes of Hiroshima City after it was laid to ruin by the atomic bomb.

Hiroshima University Song

The university song was established in 1957. The lyrics are based on the submission of Mr. Sumito Yamanaka, a student of the Faculty of Letters which was chosen in a university-wide contest. The music was composed by the Music Department at the Fukuyama Campus of the Faculty of Education where Mr. Shinichi Takata, a former conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, was a professor.
The lyrics are simple and elegant, with the first verse beginning with the words, "There is light," the second with, "There is flow," and the third with, "There is green." The last words of each verse are, "Our hope is to seek truth," "We gather to strive for the good of the world," and "Our wish is to pursue beauty," respectively. These words express the unwavering desire to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty.

Hiroshima University Flag

The university flag is green, representing rebirth from the ruins left by the atomic bomb, and has the school logo in the center. It was adopted in 1960.

University Identity (UI)

HU's UI Strategy

University Identity (UI) questions anew the individuality and the meaning of the existence of the university by asking, "what is Hiroshima University and for what purpose does it exist?" Then it adjusts and reorganizes the philosophy of "what does the university desire to be both now and in the future?" Then, using messages and symbols that embody those ideals in a unified way, the new brand image of Hiroshima University is established.

Through language and design, Hiroshima University is carrying out communication activities to promote the establishment of identity in the minds of faculty and students.

About our Logo 'Communication Mark'

Hiroshima University is proud of its long tradition, large campuses, many students and high academic standards. Yet, social recognition of the University is incommensurate with its actual status. To enhance the University's brand value, it is therefore essential to hold campus-wide discussions as to the University's ideal state, and to share the vision so as to realize it through the concerted efforts of all individuals concerned. This is also essential for vitalizing various academic programs and publicizing their results to the world.

On the basis of thorough discussion and analysis of the founders' spirit, history, intellectual properties and other features, the University adopted the motto "Hiroshima University: Fostering Human Resources Who Are Daring and Decisive". This motto was authorized by the University Management Strategy Council in October 2003.

Before adopting the motto, i.e., between the end of AY 2002 and 2003, the Hiroshima University Identity Project (HIP) conducted interviews and questionnaire surveys on and off campus, while concurrently holding campus-wide discussions.

As a means of representing and promoting the University's motto, the University developed a new "Communication Mark," which was approved at the Education and Research Council meeting held in January 2004. The University began using the Communication Mark in April 2004, when the University became an independent administrative institution.

Design Concept

Hiroshima University has adopted a "Communication Mark,"representing the University's motto: Hiroshima University: Fostering Human Resources Who Are Daring and Decisive. Using the letter "H/h," the initial letter in Hiroshima, and the kanji for "Human" as its motif, this Communication Mark was designed to represent the dynamism humans possess. The figure, signifying an active, cheerful person who is daring and decisive, also embodies the founders' aspiration to build a "peaceful and free unified university."

Designer's Remark

I have designed this logo to give people a sense of on bound expansion. To that end, I have used curves resembling those of a natural stone. I was quite particular about the tail on the top left position. That is to say that when looking at the design as a whole, I questioned to what extent elements of tension and power should be added to that portion to ensure proper balance.

History of Events Leading Up to the Creation of UI

Phase 1 (Spring 2002 - Fall 2003)

In Phase 1, questionnaire surveys were conducted to formulate HU's Identity Strategy and Action Plan. The purpose of the survey was to understand how the faculty and students, the university constituents, as well as other related persons such as businesses, the community, alumni, and parents, perceived HU and what hopes they have of the university.

Based on the analysis of these surveys, and through comparisons with other universities and establishing HU's Vision and Midterm Goals, it was made clear that HU should work toward gaining differentiation and predominance.

 Phase 2 (Fall 2003-Spring 2004)

In Phase 2, in addition to the words which express the ideal of the university as derived from Phase 1, "A university which fosters human resources with the desire to take on challenges and make things happen," concrete concepts and a communication mark (logo) were designed which express the essence of Hiroshima University using keywords such as the university founding spirit and university principles, goal achievement, Hiroshima, people, and the fusion of education, research, and community cooperation.