Research Institutes

Libraries and Museums


The Hiroshima University Library is composed of five buildings with a combined floor area of 28,000 (m2), making it one of the largest libraries in the country. It has a collection of around 3.28 million books, 60% of which are housed in the library. All library materials are managed in an integrated manner so that they can be utilized by the entire university as shared sources of academic and technical information.

The University Museum (Japanese Page)

The Hiroshima University Museum is a comprehensive museum for the entire campus. It is comprised of the main building with permanent exhibits, satellite buildings (some of which will open at the end of this school year), special exhibit spaces, the "Path of Discovery" walking trail and other facilities. The main building acts as the core of the network, providing museum services to the entire university.

University Archives (Japanese Page)

The Hiroshima University Archives (HUA) is the archives organization of Hiroshima University. The purpose of the HUA is to organize and store documents important to the university and to collect, organize, store and disclose resources related to the university's history, as well as to engage in educational research on related fields. 

An abundance of documents are preserved in our Archives, from documents relating to our University's first president, Mr. Tatsuo Morito, to records of figures related to HU and past public records.

The University Institute of Medical History

The Hiroshima University Institute of History of Medicine was established on 2 November 1978, the first facility of its kind among the national university medical schools in Japan.