Official Hiroshima University Social Media Accounts

Official Hiroshima University Social Media Accounts

Listed below are the social media accounts officially managed by Hiroshima University (as of May 8, 2024). Please refer to the administration rules on each account’s profile because not every account follows the same rules.

All accounts follow the Social Media Guidelines for Staff and Students of Hiroshima University.

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Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University’s Public Relations staff manage this account, posting updates on the university’s latest news and day-to-day events.

Hiroshima University Research

This account shares news from Hiroshima University research labs and engages with scientists and researchers on Twitter.


SKCM2 posts information on seminars and events, and latest research topics.

Hiroshima University

This page was made to strengthen the dissemination of information about Hiroshima University to the world. The university’s events, student activities, research achievements, campus photos, and other new updates are all posted in English.

TAOYAKA PROGRAM for creating a flexible, enduring, peaceful society

The latest topics and information on upcoming events from the “TAOYAKA PROGRAM for creating flexible, enduring, peaceful society” (adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a “2013 Graduate School Leading Program”) are posted here.

AIMS_HU Program(ASEAN International Mobility for Students Program)

Notifications about the program's latest updates and events are posted here.

The IDEC Institute

The IDEC Institute posts information on its school fairs, seminars, and other events here.

Hiroshima University International Alumni Network

This page is home to information about Hiroshima University's events for our international alumni. Here they can find recent news about former and current students.

Hiroshima University Research

This page shares exciting research from Hiroshima University's labs and introduces the scientists behind them.

ILDP: International Linkaged Degree Program, Hiroshima University

ILDP activity reports and updates on program recruitment are some of the content posted here.

SKCM2_Hiroshima University

SKCM2 posts information on seminars and events, and latest research topics.

Hiroshima University

This account features photos conveying daily campus life and scenery.

Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Find the latest updates and research activities from the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering.


SKCM2 posts information on seminars and events, and latest research topics.

HU Channel

You can watch videos that feature campus scenes and student life. And access live streams of university events and ceremonies.

Hiroshima University Tokyo Office

You can watch videos introducing HU's Tokyo Office, its facilities, and related events.

Hiroshima University BMK Center (YouTube)

You can find information about the BMK center and the fascinating studies it's producing.

SKCM2_Hiroshima University

You can watch videos of seminars and events held at SKCM2.

Hiroshima University

Learn about the latest research and news about the university here.