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Vision for Industry-Academia and Community Collaboration at Hiroshima University
I. Access to Research Results and Seeds
II. Systems of Collaboration

III. Venues for Collaboration

  • 01 Hiroshima University Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Office
  • 02 Hiroshima University Innovation Plaza
  • 03 Hiroshima Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center (Hiroshima Prefecture)
  • 04 Hiroshima University Incubation Offices (Higashi- Hiroshima area, Hiroshima area)
  • 05 Hiroshima University Venture Business Laboratory (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)

IV. Global Innovation
V. Community Cooperation
VI. Venture Business Creation
VII. Human Resource Development
VIII. Creation and Utilization of Intellectual Property
IX. Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Achievements
X. Organization Structure