Hiroshima University's Unique Education: A Point of Pride to Show the World!

For undergraduate level, Hiroshima University consists of 11 schools which provide undergraduate courses including majors in the natural sciences, humanities, the social sciences, and many others.

School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Aiming to integrate arts and science and cultivate the ability to think scientifically and view things comprehensively

School of Letters

Studying various human issues to discover new knowledge

School of Education

Covering a wide range of educational fields to train educational practitioners and researchers

School of Law

Providing legal knowledge and fostering the ability to survive today's global society

School of Economics (Japanese page only)

Learning the mechanisms of human behavior and social changes using "money" as a keyword (Japanese page)

School of Science

Cultivating the ability to think logically in the fields chosen from the entire area of science

School of Medicine

Receiving education for advanced medical specialists

School of Dentistry

Studying dental medicine and oral health from a whole-body perspective

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Fostering new drug researchers and pharmacists equipped with research ability

School of Engineering

Aiming to realize monodzukuri (manufacturing) for improving our lives through the combination of nature, humans, and technology

School of Applied Biological Science

Taking up the challenge toward achieving food safety and health, and food production in harmony with the environment, by making use of biotechnology

School Of Informatics and Data Science (Japanese page only)