Education That Ensures Reliable Quality and Satisfies Students' Motivations

For undergraduate level, Hiroshima University consists of 12 schools which provide undergraduate courses including majors in the natural sciences, humanities, the social sciences, and many others.

To impart a broad set of general and specialized knowlege, Hiroshima University provides high-level education, introducing its unique, goal-oriented support system for undergraduate students, called HiPROSPECTS(R).

School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Tackles to clarify and resolve problems of the 21st century that we are facing with interdisciplinary perspectives and new ideas beyond the existing frameworks.

School of Letters

Studies cultures created and passed down throughout the ages, to impart to students the ability to ask themselves and communicate what they have learned to the next generation.

School of Education

Fosters human resources who can contribute to the establishment of school education and a learning society, in order to educate individuals who will take the lead in society in the future.

School of Law

Provides legal background and develops a broad perspective and judgment, to cultivate the quality and ability to contribute to the global community.

School of Economics (Japanese page only)

Enables students to explore human behavior and social changes, capitalizing on knowledge of economics and management, based on scientific thinking and viewpoints.

School of Science

Creates new forms of knowledge, by understanding and learning from nature, including the universe, the earth, life and organisms, materials, numbers and diagrams.

School of Medicine

Enables students to acquire solid knowledge and skills, as well as a rich sense of humanity, to work as practitioners in the fields of medicine, healthcare, health sciences and welfare.

School of Dentistry

Imparts knowledge and skills to protect oral health, which is essential for people to make a healthy and decent living, from a holistic perspective.

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Offers diverse curriculums to allow students to develop a specialty and a research mindset, so as to demonstrate their competence in the realm of ever-progressing pharmaceutical sciences.

School of Engineering

Cultivates students’ abilities to develop manufacturing technologies, through education and research directly linked to the industrial field.

School of Applied Biological Science

Enables students to learn about sustainable food production and the effective use of bioresources.

School of Informatics and Data Science

Deep learning, big data, cloud computing, Fintech, IoT
New department for creating the future in anticipation of IT innovation