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Your dream of a successful future!

In fiscal 2006, Hiroshima University initiated HiPROSPECTS(R) (Hiroshima University Program of Specified Education and Study), which is a goal-oriented educational program designed to provide more rigorous learning support that is suited to each student, to improve the quality of education, and to return the trust society places in us.

We will inform each student of their level of attainment of their goals each semester, and provide advice according to their level so that they will graduate from this university with expertise and abilities higher that they hoped for at the time of admission.

Hiroshima University education, which has been highly rated in various fields for its advanced research results and the fact that the university has produced high quality teachers, has become more attractive.


*HiPROSPECTS(R) (Hiroshima University Program of Specified Education and Study) is a registered trademark of Hiroshima University.

A completely new educational system designed to assess your diverse abilities and skills, rather than just assessing your knowledge and understanding.

*Provides programs with clear attainment goals.
*Checks your attainment level from admission to graduation.
*Allows you to acquire knowledge and skills that meet social needs.
*Allows you not only to enhance your expertise but also to study other specialist fields.