Evaluation method for academic achievement

One of the major characteristics of “HiPROSPECTS(R)” is that it has introduced a new and unprecedented evaluation method for academic achievement.

In addition to the conventional evaluation of your achievements in class subjects, we have started to indicate your progress towards the goal that we expect you to reach before graduation in your Major Program (attainment goal) each semester (evaluation of the degree of attainment of the goal set for the program).

This allow us to understand more concretely how well you have acquired the abilities we expect you to acquire before graduation, and to enable you to continue effective learning.

Evaluation of students’ scholastic performance in class subjects

Your scholastic performance will be evaluated as stated below, and you will be notified of the results of the evaluation every semester.

・A five-level evaluation (excellent, superior, good, fair, and poor) system will be utilized. Excellent, superior, good, and fair grades indicate a “Pass.”
・The evaluation criterion for each level is as follows with a maximum score of 100 points:
Excellent: 90 points or higher
Superior: 80-89 points
Good: 70-79 points
Fair: 60-69 points
Poor: less than 60 points (fail).

Evaluation of students’ attainment levels for the attainment goal prescribed for each program

In your Major Program, your attainment level will be evaluated against the detailed items of the attainment goal clearly indicated in the specifications.
Your evaluation results will be indicated in three levels: “Excellent,”“Very Good,” and “Good,” and you will be informed of the evaluation results every semes.

Although your achievements in a class subject can be understood from the evaluation of your scholastic performance, such as “Superior” and “Fair,” it might be difficult to see how far you have achieved your goal in the subject. Knowing the evaluation results of your attainment level will be also useful for your course registration plan for your studies in the next semester together with your understanding of what specific abilities you need, how well you have acquired them, and what you are missing in achieving your goal.

The evaluation of your attainment level will be renewed every semester, and the evaluation details that you will be informed at the time of graduation will indicate your final attainment level.
Therefore, even if you receive a grade of “Good” at a certain level, you may receive a grade of “Excellent” on graduation as a result of your untiring efforts to continue your studies.