Major Programs(Bachelor’s Degree Programs)

Programs that are designed to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the time of graduation

Major Program is a program organized consistently with the Liberal Arts Education and Specialized Education courses designed for students to obtain a bachelor’s degree.(Admission procedures and classes are given in Japanese except for some programs using both Japanese and English.)
A Major Program is the curriculum that you will take in order to graduate from your School/Program.
In the Major Programs, detailed check items are set to evaluate students’ attainment levels for the attainment goals prescribed for each program.

Check items are not only related to the field of your major but also to your problem-solving ability, communication skills, analytical ability, and strength in information technologies.

Start of Major Programs

These programs are divided into two types: programs that are decided when students enter the university, and programs that are selected after enrollment (at the end of or after the first year).

Content of Major Programs