Policy on implementation of classes, 2021 AY

Hiroshima University is planning to start the 2021 class on Thursday, April 8th. After continuing to thoroughly prevent the spread of infection, we will implement the following while taking advantage of both face-to-face and online.

  • As a general rule, face-to-face classes will be held.
  • In particular, we will respond to new undergraduate students as follows.
    ・In principle, liberal arts education subjects and Introductory Seminar for First-Year Students (held in each faculty) will be conducted face-to-face, considering the importance of motivation for university life and study in the first year. For specialized education subjects in each faculty, face-to-face classes will be given with priority given to subjects for first-year students.
    ・In order for new students to deepen their understanding of taking courses at the university and to build relationships between students and between students and faculty members, we will also hold face-to-face orientation (guidance) for new students at the time of admission. Depending on the faculty, some may be conducted online due to the capacity of the lecture room.
  • Depending on the characteristics and content of each subject, we will implement classes that take advantage of each feature, such as a hybrid method (combined face-to-face lessons and online lessons).
  • For details on how to conduct each class, please check the syllabus of "My MOMIJI" or the class bulletin board. In some classes, the implementation method will be changed after the course registration period has expired and the students have been confirmed.
  • Regardless of how the class is conducted, we will establish a system that can respond appropriately to questions from students by e-mail, etc.
  • We will secure lecture rooms that can be used for taking online classes, self-study and meals on campus.
  • Regarding face-to-face lessons, we may switch to online lessons due to the situation of new coronavirus infection, bad weather, etc., which makes commuting to school dangerous or a disaster occurs. Students may not be able to enter the campus, so please prepare an environment where you can take classes at home.
  • If it is difficult to live within the distance to the campus due to special circumstances, please consult with the student support staff of your faculty.
  • If you are unable to attend the face-to-face class due to poor physical condition (symptoms such as fever or cough), difficulty in moving, or anxiety about infection (*), please contact the instructor in charge of the class in advance by e-mail. We will not treat you as absent, and will take measures so that you will not be disadvantaged in your subsequent courses.
    (*) Students who have a high risk of aggravation such as having an underlying illness, students who travel a long distance to go to school, students who live with elderly people who have a high risk of aggravation, etc.

The above schedule may be changed depending on the status of COVID-19 in the future. If you want to change it, we will notify you promptly on our website and "MOMIJI".

About online classes

  • In principle, classes are face-to-face, but depending on the content, there are also courses that are mainly face-to-face and are conducted in a format (hybrid method) that incorporates online classes.
  • When conducting online classes, we mainly use Microsoft Teams (Bidirectional type) and Bb9 (On-demand type). Please check "MOMIJI Top" for how to attend.

    ・「Bidirectional type」…A method in which faculty deliver classes in real time and students participate in classes from their homes or vacant lecture rooms on campus.

    ・「On-demand type」…A method in which faculty distribute lecture videos and assignments on the Internet, and students access and study within a specified period.

※Depending on the subject, other LMS (Learning Management System) may be used, so please check the syllabus of "My MOMIJI " or the class bulletin board.

Points to keep in mind when entering the campus, participating in classes and research activities

  • Measure your body temperature every morning to check for fever (*), malaise, cough, suffocation, sore throat, headache, and olfactory / dysgeusia.
    (*) Fever is defined as 37.5 degrees or higher, or 1 degree higher than normal temperature.

     (1) If any of the above symptoms apply, please contact your tutor or academic supervisor by e-mail, etc. and stay at home.
    ・The waiting period is 8 days after the onset of symptoms and 3 days after the onset of symptoms without taking any medication.
    ・Check the above every morning during the waiting period and contact us if you have any symptoms.
    ・If you are a student in the Kasumi Campus and want to participate in clinical training, please follow the standards of the hospital staff at the training site.

     (2) If you live with the people who have above symptoms, please wear a mask, disinfect your fingers, and wash your hands thoroughly before entering the facility.

  • Record daily activity (time, location, attendees, etc.) in case of infection.
  • On campus, take thorough measures such as 1. securing physical distance, 2. wearing a mask, and 3. encouraging hand washing, which are the three basics of infection prevention.
  • When participating in face-to-face classes and research activities, when eating and drinking in restaurants, etc., secure a distance (at least 2 meters, at least 1 meter) from the surrounding people, such as sitting every other front, back, left and right.
  • When talking, avoid head-on as much as possible.
  • Indoors, thoroughly avoid “3C (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact)” such as ventilating the room regularly and not talking loudly.
  • In addition, please check the warnings of "MOMIJI Top" and take thorough infection prevention measures by yourself.
  • If you have any concerns or anxieties about your mental or physical condition, please contact the Health Service Center.

Wearing a Mask (2021.3.29 updated)

  • If you have difficulty wearing a mask for any reason, such as respiratory disease or sensory sensitivity, please contact the Education Promotion Group by e-mail first. The Education Promotion Group will inform the instructor in charge of the class, so please follow the instructions of the instructor in charge of the class. If you have any concerns about the instructions given by the instructor, please contact the Education Promotion Group.
  • Other students should also understand that there are people who have difficulty wearing masks, not only in class but also in various aspects of daily life. Please make your own efforts to prevent further infection.
Hiroshima University, Education Promotion Group

E-mail: gsyugakukm-group*office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp (注: *は半角@に置き換えてください)