Educational and Research Targets

AdSM’s Educational and Research Targets

AdSM promotes a new educational and research field by integrating the fields of science and technology. In addition to systematic education, we provide our students with interdisciplinary and comprehensive education and research in order to foster professional engineers and researchers who have a wide range of academic knowledge and practical skills sufficient to play an active role in international society.

Our Departments’ Educational and Research Targets

Department of Quantum Matter

Considering materials to be where various quantum phenomena emerge, we provide education and research on the fundamentals of quantum physics and the application of quantum behavior, and aim at fostering advanced researchers/professional engineers in the field of material science.

Department of Molecular Biotechnology

Through advanced research activities on the elucidation of life mechanisms and its application, we aim to nurture researchers and engineers with highly specialized knowledge in the fields of bioscience and biotechnology.

Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science

In order to foster far-sighted researchers and professional engineers, we conduct the world’s most advanced research and practical education on nanodevices, nanotechnology, device modeling, and circuits/architectures designs which are the fundamental technologies in this information society.