Laboratory and faculty

Structural Engineering

Structural Materials and Concrete Structures

Design and Maintenance of Structures

Geotechnical Engineering

Infrastructure Management

 Assoc. Prof. Naser Khaji Q-6818-2018


 Laboratory of Infrastructure Management

Environmental Engineering

Global Environment and Planning

 Assoc. Prof. Makoto Tsukai D-8907-2011

 Assoc. Prof. Masaaki Fuse J-9012-2015

 Assist. Prof. Chi Yung Lam A-6795-2016


 Laboratory of Global Environment and Planning


Environmental Preservation Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Coastal Engineering

 Assoc. Prof. Kiyoshi Kawanishi D-5815-2011

 Assoc. Prof. Tadashi Hibino D-5792-2011

 Assist. Prof. Shinya Nakashita G-2011-2015


 Laboratory of Coastal Engineering