Message from the Dean

The mission of the Hiroshima University School of Education is to foster excellent teachers ranging from the elementary school to high school levels and leaders who can participate actively in a wide range of vocational fields in a lifelong learning society.
This school explores a variety of diversified educational issues arising from social changes through the integration of theory and practice from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspective, while also contributing to the creation of school education and a lifelong learning society suitable for the 21st century. Our school is comprised of 5 classes (15 courses) including the first class (school education systems), the second class (science and culture education systems), the third class (language culture education systems), the fourth class (lifelong activity education systems), and the fifth class (basics of human development). 
We provide the most suitable environment for those who want to get involved in teaching practice at vocational schools immediately after graduation, those who want to go to graduate school and become educators with higher qualifications and abilities, and those who want to become researchers who explore the essence of learning and education according to the wishes of each individual. 
Let's solve problems related to learning and education and create a sustainable society alongside superb teachers and colleagues.

NORIO Matsumi
Dean of the Graduate School/School of Education

NORIO Matsumi, Dean of the Graduate School/School of Education