Message from the Dean

At Hiroshima University School of Education/Graduate School of Education, our mission is to foster excellent teachers in elementary and secondary education as well as leaders who can extensively contribute to a society of lifelong learning. At our university, we are able to conduct research from multilateral perspectives concerning a wide variety of learning and education in all stages of life, from infancy to the elderly. Through the five clusters (fifteen courses) of our undergraduate program, one professional degree program, six master's programs, and one doctoral program, we provide an optimum learning environment that meets the various wishes of our students: those who hope to teach at one of the different types of schools immediately after graduation from their undergraduate program, who want to be an educator of higher caliber and capability acquired through their graduate program, and those who aspire to be a researcher who deeply investigate the essence of learning and education. The most striking feature of our organization, our forte, is our abundance of prominent school members and fellows who carry out cutting-edge research in various fields of learning and education. The work of solving the various problems concerning learning and education is directly connected to the creation of the future for people and society. We believe that our students, with their strong commitment to education and research, are able to acquire talents and abilities that heighten their expertise. Join us in the challenge of creating "New Wisdom"!

KOYAMA Masataka
Dean of the Graduate School/School of Education

KOYAMA Masataka, Dean of the Graduate School/School of Education