12th International Summer School

The 12th International Summer School was held from September 24th to 28th, 2019, inviting a total of 21 students and academic staffs from 6 partner universities in 5 countries, namely Chonnam National University (Republic of Korea), Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia), Kasetsart University (Thailand), Silpakorn University (Thailand), Tunghai University (Taiwan) and Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (Viet Nam).

This year’s summer school followed the previous format, which was conducted in early autumn thus avoiding the terrible hot summer, and inviting not only students but also their academic supervisors that would foster further opportunities to implement cooperative research. Also, on September 27th, the “International Symposium on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” was organized.

On the first day, September 24th, a welcome ceremony was held after the orientation.

In the afternoon, an information session was organized to provide admission and scholarship information for interested students.

The participants also visited a laboratory of the School of Applied Biological Science.

Welcome ceremony


Information session

Campus tour

Laboratory visit

In order to promote the understanding and appreciation of Japanese traditional culture and way of life, a traditional “Noh” opera was performed to the delight of the visitors.

At a welcome party that followed the Noh experience, invited guests enjoyed interactions with the students and staffs of Hiroshima University (HU) in a relaxing atmosphere provided by the music performed by Dr. Hajime Tanida.

Welcome party

They also tried “Yukata”

For the following two days, on September 25th and 26th, the invited guests visited different laboratories to experience and discuss specific scientific interests.

In the morning of September 27th, the guests visited a leading food-industry support company, the Satake Co. Ltd. in Saijo.  Throughout this visit, the guests learned about the importance of food safety and how food quality can be maintained.

Satake Co. Ltd


In the afternoon, the international symposium was held attracting close to a hundred participants. The presenters consisted of the seven guest professors, and also one from HU, who delivered their research outcomes and discussed how SDGs could be achieved through their researches. Moreover, during the break time, there were poster presentations by 13 graduate students of HU.

After the symposium, a farewell party was held at a university cafeteria. The guests received certificates of participation from the Dean, Dr. Yoshihiro Sambongi, and enjoyed sharing the memories of the International Summer School with other participants.

On September 28th, the final day, a study tour for learning about the history of Hiroshima was organized. The group visited the Peace Memorial Park, A-bomb Dome, and Miyajima Island to help them realize how Hiroshima strives to be a symbolic city of peace, which coincidentally is also one of the ultimate goals of SDGs. On the return trip, they were overwhelmed by the rich memories and experiences and shared these with the student tutors of HU, and enjoyed the finale of the International Summer school this year.

Study tour to Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima city and Miyajima


<Comments from the summer school participants>

  • Overall, the International Summer School had been very well organized. I personally really enjoyed with all the programs in the summer school. Many thanks to the organizing committee for giving us the opportunity to join the summer school.
  • This summer school is very interesting. In addition to learning knowledge, I also learned more about Japanese culture and met friends from different countries. The teachers and students are very friendly and spend the free time taking us to sightseeing Hiroshima. If there is a chance, I still want to go to Japan again.
  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend the summer program and International Symposium on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The studies who joined the summer program gained a lot and made many friends from different countries. It was really a wonderful experience. Thanks Japan and Hiroshima University for arrangement all things.
  • The activities of the entire summer school are very meaningful and full of learning, and the schedule is also very good. Step by step, let us deepen the impression of the graduate school and deeper understanding. The discussion on academic research is also very active, and let me realized different cultural learning style and attitude. I really gain a lot, thank you.
  • This program is good program. I think everyone had lot of good memories and experience to improve their project, their life and has connection or corroboration with Hiroshima university. And I like Hiroshima university. if I have a chance to studied in japan, Hiroshima university is my first choice.