The first ever H-G Starter Core Program was held online


Starter Core Program


【Date held】        September 4 (Friday), 2020

【Event method】 Online (Zoom)

The HIRAKU-Global Program (the Program) held its very first Starter Core Program (SCP) as a completely online event (via Zoom). This momentous occasion marked the beginning of the journey for the first HIRAKU-Global Faculty Members (HGFM) cohort, on their way to becoming world-class researchers, who will be recognized as Innovative, Influential and Impactful academics in the global community.

The day-long intensive SCP offered the first genuine opportunity for the HGFM to be able to (virtually) meet and interact with each other, and gain more specific knowledge in regard to the Program itself.

The day began with the Opening Remarks from Professor TATE Shinichi, Executive Vice President of Hiroshima University and Chair of the HIRAKU-Global Operating Council and was followed by the Program Overview: “The Aspirations of the HIRAKU-Global Program”, provided by Professor AIDA Misako, Executive Advisor to the President of Hiroshima University and Chair of the HIRAKU-Global Program Management Committee.

Thereafter, the Program Orientation in regard to the available support systems for each HGFM at their respective institutions, development opportunities, novelty goods and the Program’s IT System, HIRAKU-PF, was presented by the HIRAKU-Global Office Staff.

After a lunch break, the HGFM Self-Introduction was undertaken, where each member of the first HGFM cohort shared a presentation providing details of who they are, their research and overall ambitions for the Program. At the conclusion of all the presentations, the HGFM were able to casually interact and quiz each other on certain points of interest from their presentations, which led to some interesting and humorous conversations.

Following on from the self-introductions of the first cohort, the HIRAKU-Global Mentors Self-Introduction was conducted. The three HIRAKU-Global Mentors shared their respective presentations, outlined who they are, their background and their advice to the HGFM on what is required to become world-class researchers.

After a short break, an insightful webinar entitled “Effective Mentoring Relationship” (which was specifically tailored for the HGFM), was facilitated by Vitae (UK). This interactive workshop offered a unique opportunity for the HGFM to understand and learn the skills required to maximize the benefits of mentoring relationships, (whether as a mentee or a mentor).

At the conclusion of the mentoring workshop, a Group Mentoring discussion was undertaken to provide an opportunity for the HGFM to receive more specific and relevant advice in regard to their respective career paths. By utilizing Zoom’s Breakout Rooms feature, each mentor was able to undertake three separate mentoring sessions with the HGFM, (whom were grouped in two groups of two and one group of three). This discussion session offered the opportunity for each HGFM to be upfront with the Mentors and receive vital help and feedback in determining what they need to do to achieve their respective goals.

Finally, the first ever HIRAKU-Global Starter Core Program was summarized and formally concluded by HARAYAMA Yuko, Ph.D., Executive Director at RIKEN and HIRAKU-Global Mentor with her thought-provoking Closing Remarks.

All in all, a day full of insight, information, interaction, collaboration and smiles all-round was smoothly undertaken and brought to a conclusion.