Call for Applications for the 2nd HIRAKU-Global Researchers Cohort (FY2021)

Hiroshima University, Yamaguchi University, Tokushima University and Ehime University formed a consortium for the development of world-class researchers through regional collaboration in the area centered in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan (hereafter referred to as HIRAKU-Global). The HIRAKU-Global program (the Program) aims to develop world-class researchers who are leading unique and exceptional research and are recognized as innovative, influential and impactful in the global community. The Program provides various kinds of support to early career researchers who are proactively promoting international collaborative research, such as start-up research funding, travel and accommodation expenses for medium- to long-term research visits overseas, advice from mentors, relevant opportunities for career and skill development, to name a few.

The Program will select promising early career researchers from newly or recently appointed tenure-track faculty members at Hiroshima University, Yamaguchi University, Tokushima University and Ehime University, who possess high aspirations to promote international collaborative research while utilizing this Program.

Number of Openings and Research Fields

  • Hiroshima University:      3 (Any field)
  • Yamaguchi University:     1 (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Tokushima University:     1 (Life Science)
  • Ehime University:           1 (Any field)

*Please note that the number of openings listed above is the number that can be provided with financial support for start-up research funding and travel and accommodation expenses for research visits overseas, using MEXT’s Grants-in-Aid for the “Strategic Development Program for World-Class Researchers” Program. In addition, this Program will accept candidates with sufficient research accomplishments and qualities from the above-mentioned universities or other partner institutions, only if they can secure their necessary funds independently.


Applicants must satisfy both of the below criteria:

  • Possess research experience of less than 10 years after obtaining their doctoral degree, or equivalent (under 40 years of age)
  • Hold a recently acquired tenure-track faculty position* at Hiroshima University, Yamaguchi University, Tokushima University or Ehime University.

*Please note that a “recently acquired tenure-track faculty position” will be defined as a position that has been attained within the past two years (or thereabouts), and will also include those who will attain a position at the beginning of the new Academic Year from April.

Application Deadline

Friday, April 16, 2021 at 11:59 a.m. (Japan Standard Time)1, 2

1 If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledging that your application has been received from the HIRAKU-Global Office by Monday, April 19, 2021, please contact the Office via the information supplied below.

2 This is subject to change depending on the situation of the Program.

Application Documents

Please carefully read through the Application Guideline before completing the Application Form and Letter of Recommendation.

Inquiries/Contact Details

HIRAKU-Global Office
Office of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration, Hiroshima University
E-mail: hiraku-global*  (replace * with @)