HIRAKU-Global International Symposium / Annual Conference FY2022 – Report

International Symposium /
Annual Conference FY2022

【Date held】        February 20-21, 2023

【Event method】 Online (Zoom)

From February 20 to 21, 2023, the HIRAKU-Global Program (the Program) held the International Symposium / Annual Conference for FY2022 as a completely online event (via Zoom). Across the two days, 108 and 101 participants (for the 20th and 21st respectively) from all over the country took part in the event.

Within "Day 1", the 1st Cohort of HIRAKU-Global Researchers (HGRs), who were selected by the Program in FY2020 and are in their 3rd year of development, outlined how they will continue making further strides towards becoming world-class researchers by presenting upon their current research and future plans.
Within "Day 2", Dr. Gareth DYKE (Research Square Company) was invited to present a seminar on the essential essence that is required to submit papers in high impact journals. Given that Dr. DYKE himself is a researcher who has published more than 300 papers in high impact journals such as Nature and Science, and has held numerous seminars and workshops on researcher development, he was able to provide an insightful lecture by utilizing his personal experiences and sharing his point of view.
As HGRs from the 1st Cohort through to the 3rd Cohort participated in the event, lively discussions were held during the respective Q&A sessions that were held after the presentations on Day 1 and the seminar on Day 2.

*Dr. Gareth DYKE's seminar from Day 2 (February 21) can be viewed via the below video.

Group Photo from Day 1 (February 20)

Group Photo from Day 2 (February 21)

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