(February 20, 2024) Research Team Dynamics Workshop – Report (Dr. Irina FILONOVA)

Research Team Dynamics

【Date & time held】
 February 20 (Tue), 2024 14:00 – 17:00
【Event method】
 Online (Zoom)
 Irina FILONOVA, PhD, PCC (professional certified coach)
 the phd whisperer CEO & Associate Fellow, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
 Research Team Dynamics
【Number of participants】

On February 20, 2024, an online workshop was held with Dr. Irina FILONOVA, the phd whisperer CEO & Associate Fellow, JST, instructing the workshop. Unlike the seminar which Dr. FILONOVA presented during the FY2023 Annual Conference, this workshop was held specifically for the HIRAKU-Global Researchers (HGRs) only.

With the main theme of "Research Team Dynamics", Dr. FILONOVA focused on the three key items of "understanding how to create a supportive and productive research group environment", "identifying and addressing diverse team challenges" and "discovering practical strategies for effective collaborations within high-performing teams". Considering the aforementioned three key items, the HGRs were split into groups of 2-3 within Zoom's Breakout Rooms, where they discussed upon various topics, such as "What kind of researcher would you like to hire when you become a PI?". Thereafter, upon returning to the main room, the contents which were discussed within each of the Breakout Rooms was shared and debated upon.

By utilizing the various topics which were discussed throughout the workshop, lively and interactive conversations were constantly held throughout the entire event, which led to the HGRs gaining valuable insight and experiences in regard to working within a research team.

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