Request for Certificate

How to request

Please apply for certificates by either of the following two ways.
Requests by telephone, FAX or e-mail are not accepted.

1. Visiting IDEC Office

Please bring some identification and self-addressed stamped envelope.

2. By Postal mail

Please write clearly all the following 8 items, enclosing a photocopy of your identification and self-addressed stamped envelope.
*In case Japanese postal stamp is not available, please enclose self-addressed envelope and International Reply Coupon of necessary amount.

(1) Student ID Number
(2) Name while a student * All certificates are issued by name while a student.
(3) Date of birth
(4) Year and Month of both Admission and Graduation/Completion
(5) Division enrolled
(6) Needed Certificate (Japanese or English) and required number
(7) Purpose of use and place to submit (Unaccounted certificates are not issued.)
(8) Contact address, Telephone number, E-mail address, etc.


  1. It will take 3 business days to issue the Certificates after we accept your request. (At least one week for “Certificate of
    PhD Degree Awarded” and English Transcript.) Please allow enough time for receiving certificates in consideration of the
    weekend, holiday or postal mail condition.
  2. In case you request each certificate to be sealed off, please indicate this clearly.
  3. If we find the above-stated items uncompleted or unaccounted, we cannot issue the certificates.

Mailing address

Student Support Group

Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University

1-5-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, JAPAN 739-8529

TEL: +81-82-424-6910

Guide of return envelope and postage (Reference)

Preferable return envelope size: larger than 27.5 cm by 21.5 cm.
Stamp (Fare: September 2010)

Domestic: Up to 3 certificates: 120 yen, more than 3 copies: 140 yen
International: Asia: 220 yen, Oceania, Europe: 260 yen, Africa: 300 yen
*Express or Registered mail delivery needs additional fee.
Check rates on JP POST website (

*In case Japanese postal stamp is not available, please enclose self-addressed envelope and equivalent amount of 
International Reply Coupon (

Your personal data/information on application will be used only to issue certificates.