Titles of Master theses and Doctoral Dissertations

Titles of Master Theses


Completion in March, 2019

Division of Development Science

Carbon Emission and Carbon Trade Balance: Some Evidence from Panel ARDL Analysis

Affectivity, Coworker Relationship and Coworker Satisfaction

The Impact of Temporal Pollution Control on Regional Economy: Evidence from the Beijing Olympic Games 2008

The Effect of Providing Carbon Footprint Information on the Customers Purchase Decision of Airline Ticket: A Case Study in Japan using the Doubly Randomized Preference Trial on the Randomized Conjoint Experiment

Estimation of Welfare Change due to Trade Environment Change in China after Joining the World Trade Organization in 2001 and Financial Crisis in 2008




Phenolic Contents, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Celastrus hindsii

Imposed Water Deficit after Anthesis for Improvement of Macronutrients, Quality, Phytochemicals and Antioxidants in Rice Grain



Thermal Functions of Semi-Outdoor Spaces in the Traditional Houses of Hot-Dry and Hot-Humid Climates: Field Measurements in Kabul and Hiroshima

Experimental Study on the Bearing Capacity of Geotextile-Reinforced Sand with Confined Ends under the Strip-Footing

・地方都市を対象とした高齢者のモビリティ制約に起因する unmet needs 主観的 well-beingに与える影響分析


Effects of Mutation on Yield, Grain Quality and Phytochemicals in Rice

Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Piper methysticum Forst

Rethinking Contemporary Peacebuilding: From the Perspective of Hybridized Grama Niladhari System in Sri Lanka


Human Rights in the Age of Mass Surveillance An Analysis of the Impact of the United Nations

・中国の核不拡散政策の展開:NPT 加盟に至る中国のアイデンティティの変容


Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

・開発援助プロジェクトにおけるドナーの要求とNGO の実践 インド・ビハール州ブッダガヤの事例から

Towards an Understanding of African Traditional Medicine and Health Practitioners:Focusing on the Negotiation Processes Between Indigenous Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge at Four Herbal Markets in South Africa


Case Study of Global Core Competency Development in a Short-term Study Abroad Program

Teacher's Roles and Strategies in Dealing with the Students Diversities in English Learning Program of Higher Education in Indonesia

English Teaching Education as Pesantren Reform in Rural Area and Urban Area: Comparative Study between Pesantren Nazhatut Thullab and Pesantren Progresif Bumi Shalawat

An Analysis of Primary School Dropout in Senegal

・バングラデシュの NGO における人身取引サバイバー支援の研究―教育的側面に着目して―

The Attitudes of Secondary School Science Teachers toward Teaching Diverse Students in General Education Classrooms in Banjarnegara Regency, Indonesia



Effect of Welfare Facilities Provision on the Performance of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools of Gatsibo District-Rwanda


Effect of Hands-on Activities on Students Academic Performance in Biology Subject A Case Study of Nyarugenge District Public Lower Secondary Schools

Development of Project-based Learning on Environmental Issues for Improving Students Science Process Skills in Indonesia

The Development of the Test to Measure Core Critical Thinking Skills in Science among Indonesian Primary School Students

Analysis of Secondary School Students Mathematics Ability Using Newman Approach in Rwanda

Students Perceptions of Social Support, their Engagement, and Academic Performance in Lower Secondary Schools in Rwanda- Exploring Gender Differences A Case of Public Secondary Schools in Nyarugenge District

Primary School Dropouts in Rural Burkina Faso : A Multilevel Analysis


Titles of Doctoral Dissertations


Completion in March, 2019

Division of Development Science


Biological Activities and Environmental Interactions of Momilactones A and B, and Phytochemicals in Rice

Phenotypic Variation, Genetic Diversity, and Segregation of Vietnamese Rice Mutants

Development of Disadvantaged Areas via Rural Tourism: Perspectives of Small Tourism Enterprises and Rural Tourists

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

Towards an Understanding of the Subaltern Struggle for a Right to the City: A Critical Analysis of Urban Subaltern Resistance in the Global South


Mongolian Secondary School Teachers Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching with a Reference to Geometry