Titles of Master theses and Doctoral Dissertations

Titles of Master Theses


Completion in September, 2019

Division of Development Science

Do Electricity Consumers Bunch at the Kink Point? Evidence from Accra, Ghana

Parental Absence and Welfare of the Children in Sri Lanka: Coarsened Exact Matching Approach

Induced Output after the Debilitate Drought and Civil War in Sri Lanka

Comparing Effect of Trade Agreements on Export Performance

Analysis of Mt. Merapi Eruption 2010 and Economic Structure in Indonesia: A Multiregional Input-Output Approach

Resource Misallocation and Decomposition in Vietnam Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Asymmetric Linkages of Money Demand to Exchange Rate in Bangladesh

Industrial Estate, Firms Productivity and International Trade Relationship: The Case of Indonesian Manufacturing Firms

Reproducibility Study of the Impact of International Remittances on Education: Evidence from Bangladesh

Will Consumers Pay to Improve Public Water Supply Service? A Case Study of Kathmandu

Impact of Government Training Programme on Application Behavior of Spice Farmers for Fairtrade Certification

Maternal Employment and Child Cognitive Outcomes in Indonesia

The Effect of Social Rehabilitation Services for Children with Disability on School Attendance in Mongolia

The Success Factors and Performance Indicators of Public Private Partnership Projects in Mongolia: A Focus on Consensus Building Among Stakeholders

Second Language Training Transfer for Providing Bilingual Service by the Public Officials in Sri Lanka

Credit for the Poor, Its Antecedents and Outcomes: Evidence from Indonesia

Valuing the Impact of Hypothetical Flight Attributes on Air Passengers Choice Preferences Using Randomized Conjoint Experiment

The Welfare Cost of Port Damage & Trade Impediment due to the Kobe Earthquake

The Impact of Hypothetical Parking Attributes on Commuters Parking Decisions: Randomized Conjoint Field Experiment in Bishkek City, Kyrgyz Republic

Did the Power Factor Correction Policy Improve the Power Factor of the Large ?Scale Electricity Users in Ghana without Sacrificing their Business Performance?

Valuing the Impact of Flexible Work Attributes on Private Sector Employees Acceptance of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) Strategy Using Randomized Conjoint Field Experiment in Colombo District, Sri Lanka

Measuring the Impact of ASEAN Open Skies Agreement on Air Traffic from and to South East Asian Cities

Slum Relocation or In-Situ Slum Redevelopment: What are the Impacts of Displacement?

GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach for Site Selection of Cross-Docking Facility in a Retail Supply Chain

Demand Analysis of Integrated Transportation Service between Passenger and Goods in Rural Area, Japan

Impact of Adverse Weather on Mode Choice Behavior of Hanoi People

Level of Services of Tansfer Facilities from Bus to Train in Yangon

Study on Congestion Pricing Policy in Jakarta Intra Urban Toll Toad

Assessment of the Relationship between Passages of Tropical Cyclones and their Origins of Genesis for Managing Risk of the Coast of Bangladesh

Watershed Modelling of Mindanao River Basins in the Philippines Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) for Sustainable Hydropower Development

"Use of Twitter Data for Disaster Damage Assessment in Banten and Lampung, Indonesia,

by Anak Krakatau Tsunami Event in December 2018"

Phytotoxicity of Low Polar Constituents from Alpinia zerumbet

Multidimensional Behavioral Changes toward Less Dependence on Cars and Motorcycles in Hanoi


The Impact of One Belt-One Road Initiative to the Economy of Central Asian Countries

Social Media as a Means of Reducing Religious Extremism in Pakistan

Regulation Gaps of UNHCRs Mandate Refugees in Tajikistan: International and Domestic Legal Aspects

The Mobilization of Anti-Nuclear Power Movement in Japan: A Case Study of Protest Against the Ikata Nuclear Power Plant

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

Multiculturalism, Counter-terrorism, and Muslim Communities in Japan

Analyzing Cambodian Students Conceptions Underlying Errors in Algebra: Focus on Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equations with One Unknown

Push-Pull Factors Influencing International Students to Study in Vietnamese Higher Education

A Study of Factors Influencing Lao University Student Participation in Student Exchange Programs

Teacher Certification and Competency: A Study of Vocational Senior Secondary School Teacher in Purworejo District, Indonesia

Factors Influencing Students Choice of University from the Perspective of Distance Education Learners-Case Study of the National Center of Distance Education in Madagascar

Factors Influencing Dropout at Lower Secondary Schools in Rural Cambodia


Exploring the Implementation of Clinical Legal Education (CLE): A Case Study of National University of Laos

Tensions between Teacher Educators' Beliefs in English Grammar Teaching and Classroom Practices: Cases of Education Colleges in Myanmar

Cooperating Teachers Mentoring during Teaching Practicum at Primary Schools in China

Practice and Challenges of Teaching Practicum at Phnom Penh Teacher Education College, Cambodia

Professional Development toward Internationalization of Higher Education: Perspectives of Administrators at Can Tho University

Quality of Outstanding Primary School Principals in Cambodia: Awarding System and Life Stories

A Study on the Effect of Play-based Curriculum on Cognitive and Non-cognitive Abilities of Kindergarten Children in Myanmar

Challenges in the Transition to Communicative Language Teaching Approach: English Language Teachers Understandings, Attitudes, and Teaching Practices in Cambodian Lower Secondary Education

The Challenge of Classroom Management in Lower Secondary School: The Case Study of Takeo Province, Cambodia

The Development of Biology Experiment for Improving Pre-Service Teachers Science Process Skills at Teacher Training Institutions in Cambodia

The Effect of Cambodian Teacher Educators' ICT Competence on Attitudes towards the Use of ICT in Education


The Perception of Stakeholders on the Effectiveness of Clinical Legal Education in Laos


The Effects of Family Features on Academic and Social-emotional Development of Primary School Children: A Case Study of Left-behind Children in Shennongjia, China

Titles of Doctoral Dissertations


Completion in September, 2019

Division of Development Science

Collective Action among Small-Scale Farmers: Impact Evaluation and Randomized Conjoint Analysis on Green Tea Farmers in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Reciprocity of Rural Households through Transactions in a Developing Country: A Case Study from Lao PDR

Essays on International Trade, Vertical Linkages, and Trade Agreements

Impacts of Information Provision on Preferences for Infrastructures and Public Services Improvements: Randomized Conjoint Field Experiments in Indonesia

Electrification with Solar PV Technology and its Implication to Educational Outcome: Empirical Evidences from South Asia

Roles of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Matters of Measure: Applied Econometrics in the African and Asian Education Context

Essays on Transportation and Trade Policies

Firm Productivity and Its Determinants in Vietnam

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Properties of Momilactones A and B

Study on the Chemical Constituents from Tridax procumbens L., Piper cubeba Bojer, and Piper nigrum L. in Indonesia and their Biological Activity

Quantifying the Influences of Human Factors on Safety Improvement in Marine, Aviation and Road Systems

Changing Positions of Key Stakeholders in the Peace Process of Burma/Myanmar: To Overcome Key Barriers Impeding Peace and Development

Pre-History of National Identity Development in Poland: From the Standpoint of the First Religious Freedom Ever in Europe

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

Resistance Sociality in the Shahbag Movement: A Critical Understanding of Social Media, Sociality and Resistance in Bangladesh

"Safeguarding-Governmentality" of the Cultural Heritage: Democratising, Conserving, and Representing the Past(s) of Bangladesh