JICA Delegated Projects

Strengthening Primary Teacher Training on Science and Mathematics in Bangladesh

This JICA Technical Cooperation Project was entrusted to Hiroshima University in cooperation with PADECO Co. Ltd. in October 2004. The project aims to improve the quality of science and mathematics education in primary schools in Bangladesh. Hiroshima University is the first university in Japan to undertake this kind of joint venture with a private company. The project works by improving the quality of primary education, for example in teacher training institutions such as the National Academy for Primary Education (NAPE) and primary schools. Our main activities are developing training curricula and teaching materials (teaching packages), offering advice on evaluation methods and strengthening the relationship between educational institutions and teachers. In connection with these activities, professors from Hiroshima University have undertaken training in Bangladesh, invited counterparts to Japan for study tours and offered expert advice.

Science Teacher Education Project (STEPSAM2)

The Science Teacher Education Project in Cambodia (STEPSAM2) is a technical cooperation project conducted as a joint venture between Hiroshima University and a private corporation (PADECO). The purpose of the project is to improve science classes in elementary and lower secondary schools in Cambodia. The project provides technical assistance in this area for the principals and teachers of teacher training colleges, such as the National Institute of Education (NIE), Provincial Teacher Training Center (PTTC) and Regional Teacher Training College (RTTC). Project advisers then suggest the best-practice model for in-service teacher training. The project is based at NIE in Phnom Penh City. Four national trainers are chosen in each of the fields of elementary science, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and educational administration. Japanese experts then provide professional advice on content knowledge, teaching methods and teaching plans.