International Conference Presentations

Financial Support towards International Conference Presentations


As a part of the effort to enhance research capacity, the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC) launches a call to select post-graduate students who present their research outcomes at an overseas international conference and to offer them financial support for the total or a part of their conference registration fees, travel expenses and accommodation charges.

Who Can Apply

Students who are enrolled in the Master’s or Doctoral programs at IDEC, and who attend an international conference outside Japan to deliver an oral or poster presentation as a principle presenter (co-presenters are not applicable)

Financial Support

  • In principle, up to ¥50,000 per person towards conference registration fees, travel expenses and accommodation charges
  • The travel expenses refers to airfares between the departing airport and the nearest airport to the conference venue (including domestic transportation fees to and from the airport and airport-to-airport transportation fees in Japan (ex. train, bus, etc.)). The accommodation charges refers to the cost of overnight stays in the city where the conference is held.
  • In principle, one person can only be supported once per academic year.
  • Applicants may not receive this financial support if they have other overlapping financial support from their laboratory, related academic associations, other funds, etc.. However, it is possible to reimburse a part of or the total amount of what has already been paid by other available resources such as by laboratory budget, or to combine additional financial support from the laboratory etc. for the cost that exceeds this financial support (up to ¥50,000 in principle).

For further details, please check the application guide.

Presentation Reports