亀井 清華

Associate Professor


School of Informatics and Data Science
Graduate School of Engineering, Information Engineering Course

Address difficult challenges with patient mindset

Coordination of autonomous computers

My field of specialty is distributed algorithms, which means methods of effectively solving problems on distributed systems constituted by a network of large number of computers, such as the internet. I am trying to find a way to coordinate computers working independently in systems. Further, larger-scale systems involve diverse dynamic changes including malfunctions of computers and communication links and change in the network caused by moving computers. I am trying to come up with a theoretical framework to secure the smooth provision of services even if such changes occur.

A successful proof can make you forget the struggle of the process

I started to do this research when I was assigned to a laboratory at my University. Although it was not the research subject that I wanted to study the most, I grew interested and enthusiastic as I continued studying. It is often very tough when I have to take all situations into account to struggle to find an answer. When I find a theoretically established answer, it makes me forget the time I spent struggling.
As my field of study involves the development and proof of theoretical approaches, I find it important to be able to think in a logical way. In addition, what is needed is patience, or a mindset not to give up until an answer is found.

A person can become stronger after overcoming challenges

Challenges facing us, including small ones and big ones, provide us with hints of something new as long as we can overcome them without giving up. Everyone feels like running away if faced by a challenge. But, being patient without giving up can make people strong. I hope students can gain such experience at university.