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School of Informatics and Data Science
Graduate School of Engineering, Information Engineering Course

Invent a new technology to contribute to the society.

Protecting privacy by mathematical cryptography

My research relates to the field of cryptography and authentication technologies for privacy protection. Thanks to the latest technology, we can store diverse data on cloud servers which are accessible from smartphones and other devices, however, this valuable data is potentially vulnerable to cyber-attack and theft by insiders. In addition, network service providers collect users' privacy information in the form of access history, including "who, when, where and what kind of," which also have the risk of being leaked. I am studying a methodology for encryption and authentication for protection of this privacy information using mathematical cryptography.

Modern encryption to overcome challenges of network technologies

Modern encryption technology has enabled us to achieve a goal which never seemed possible before. One of the modern encryption methods is public-key encryption, which enables encryption and decryption with different keys and transfer of keys. This was very difficult with the traditional encryption technologies. Thus, I find it very interesting to see how a mathematical encryption method can solve a puzzling problem and lead to a solution for the challenges facing the latest network technologies.
My goal is to create a method of encryption and authentication that can be adopted to the latest network. I am seeking to develop security protection that can protect privacy and block unauthorized access.

Engage students in the latest IT technology research

Students are encouraged to learn the latest research in addition to their studies. Our Department of Information Engineering, Informatics Course provides students with experiences using the latest IT technology including AI and security. Encryption is a puzzle-like field of study which requires logical thinking ability. While mathematics and programming knowledge is also required, you can learn them at classes and laboratories. Join us and invent a new technology to contribute to our society.