Program of Basic Biology

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   We, human beings, have accumulated tremendous knowledge and technology throughout history, and have dramatically improved the quality of life. However, it is also true that our knowledge and technology have produced problems that threaten our life. The starting point where people acquire new knowledge and technology is the following simple questions, “Why?” and “How?” We believe that elucidation of the principle that underlies complex biological processes through the scientific and logical inquiry that satisfies our intellectual curiosity is the essence of fundamental science. The innovation that solves our problems and opens our brilliant future will be fostered by the accumulation of wisdom in fundamental science.

   The faculty members of the basic biology program are wrestling with the research themes in the fundamental biology, such as cancer research, morphogenesis, sex differentiation, cell-division, neural functions, metalloprotein, gene transfer, molecular phylogeny, evolution, taxonomy, ecology, plant hormone, leaf senescence, and so on. Some of the successful results have been already applied to the medical science and industry.

   The education and research provided by the experienced staffs of the basic biology program provide students the chance to explore the frontier of the mysteries of life. Our program also offers the chance to learn from other program members, which opens a new perspective to different research fields. In essence, the basic biology program is designed to give key fundamental knowledge, and to train students up to seamlessly tackle the wide variety of fundamental and applied research activities.