Program of Biomedical Science


Now that Japan has become a super-graying society, expectations are rising increasingly for further reinforcement and development of highly advanced medical treatment. With remarkable advances in basic life science, at the same time, it is highly expected that knowledge and insight obtained in the field will be applied in a clinical setting as early as possible. However, it is notorious that there is a knowledge, institutional and human resource gap (which is often called the “valley of death”) between clinical practice and basic life science research, which has brought about major obstacles to effective applications of findings from basic research and feeding medical knowledge back to basic life science.

With this being the situation, there is an urgent need to develop individuals equipped with deep knowledge and intellectual curiosity both about basic life science and medical science, as well as the ability to contribute to the development of life science, medical science and related industries. In the Program of Biomedical Science, faculty members from a wide variety of areas related to life science and medical science provide education on basic life science with a focus on a realistic medical setting. This Program aims to develop human resources who have a wide range of knowledge on biological and life sciences, from basic life science to medical science, practical research skills, and the ability to flexibly respond to social needs.