Program of Food and AgriLife Science


The Program of Food and AgriLife Science provides educational and research activities with a focus on food science, an academic discipline that was recognized as having competitive advantages and distinctive features when Hiroshima University redefined the missions of its graduate schools. The purposes of this Program are to develop food products with superb safety and functionality from molecular, cellular and biological viewpoints; pursue production management, with an eye toward the biosphere environment, that enables a stable and sustained supply of food; and foster human resources who can play an active role in uncovering the function of beneficial organisms in agriculture and developing such organisms, so that they can be applied to food development and other aspects of everyday life.

The development of food superior in safety and functionality requires a diverse knowledge of basic and applied life science – from molecular biology to environmental science. To ensure the sustainable use of food resources and improve productivity, moreover, it is necessary for students to systematically obtain interrelated knowledge transmitted in other programs – including the Program of Bioresource Science – of the Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life. The Program of Food and AgriLife Science, newly launched under a single comprehensive framework as the result of the reorganization of Hiroshima University graduate schools, is committed to further enhancing educational and research activities on the conservation and production of biological resources, from a holistic perspective.