Prof. Takemasa Sakaguchi

【Research Keyword】
virus, innate immunity, interferon, crystal structure of protein、anti-viral reagents, hepatitis B virus, amyotrophic lateralosclerosis, optineurin

【Recent highlights】
Paramyxovirus (Sendai virus) C protein binds to a transcription factor STAT1 and inhibits signal transduction of interferon alpha/beta and gamma. We determined crystal structure of the C and STAT1 complex, and elucidated the molecular mechanism for the inhibition (Oda et al. J. Virol. 89:11487-11499, 2015).

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Lecture series for microbiology (bacteriology and virology) are provided for medical sophomores. In lab class, Gram staining, culture and characterization of bacteria, cell culture, observation of cytopathic effects by virus infection and virus propagation in embryonated chicken eggs are performed. High level of scientific research and presentation are performed in Medical Laboratory Practice for medical seniors. Lectures on virology for freshmen and dental sophomores are also provided. In graduate school, molecular biology and biochemistry as well as virus manipulation, virus recovery from cDNA, animal infection and paper preparation are performed. Regulations for biosafety and recombinant DNA experiments are concerned.

・Structure and functions of paramyxovirus accessory proteins
・Molecular biology of Sendai virus
・Molecular mechanism of viral invasion from innate immunity such as interferon
・Fine structure of the complex of viral and host proteins
・Quest for a reagent against various viruses
・Mechanism of replication of hepatitis B virus
・Role of optineurin, a causative gene of ALS, in innate immunity and ALS

【Figure explanation】Molecular structure of the complex of the STAT1 dimer, which is involved in interferon signal transduction, and two Sendai virus C proteins