Departments of Health Sciences

Department Professor Research Keyword
Global Health Nursing Yoko Shimpuku Global Health, Health Promotion, SDGs, Universal Health Coverage, People-Centered Care, Maternal Child Health, Adolescent Health, Local Knowledge, Telemedical Education, Africa
Health Informatics Masayuki Kakehashi Health, Mathematical model, Infectious disease, Cancer screening, Stroke, Heart attack, Weather condition, Health statistics, Health care system
Fundamental Nursing Sanae
Nursing labor management, nursing education, nursing technology, nursing management, nursing ethics, health education, disease control
Midwifery and Maternal-Child Nursing Mitsuko
Becoming a parent, prevention for maltreatment during perinatal period, reproductive health nursing, Breastfeeding, Human milk expression, Neonates, NICU, improving education for midwifery

Chronic Care & Family Nursing

Michiko Moriyama Population Health Management, Palliative care, Integrated community health care system, Chronic care, Disease management, Family nursing, Health service delivery system
Pediatric Nursing Ikuko
Promoting the optimization of pediatric emergency medical care: Establishing a cooperation model for pediatric emergency medical care systems and child raising support, Improvement in child raising support through integrating respite care for disabled children into sick child care, Intervention study regarding pain relief among children, Support to improve the QOL of pediatric cancer survivors, Emotional development of infants and their relationship with their families
Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Hiroko Kokusho  
Perioperative and Critical Care Management Kazuaki
Surgery, Stomach cancer, Metabolic surgery, Chemotherapy, Cancer nursing, Perioperative care, Emergency nursing, Transplant nursing, Mental health in the nurse, and Education for the nurse
Community and Public Health Nursing Hisae
Public Health Nursing, Home Health Care Nursing, Long-term care Insurance, Family Nursing in Community, Community Health Care Systems

School and Public Health Nursing

Hiromi Kawasaki Home care,Health education, Data analysis, Children, Student, Resident, Regional collaboration, Resident's activity
Gerontological and Oncology Nursing Mika Miyashita Cancer survivorship, Breast cancer, Cancer and cancer therapy-related cognitive impairment, End-of-life care, Caregivers of elderly persons with dementia, Social support
Sports Rehabilitation Yukio
Prevention for sports injury, Disabled sports, Improvement of performance, Study for prevention of falling, Development of new technology
Anatomy and Histology    
Biomechanics Makoto
Biomechanics, Motion Analysis, Postural control, Motor control, Falls, Sleep and physical function

Physical Analysis & Therapeutic Sciences

Hironobu Hamada Chronic pulmonary disease, Elderly, Physical function, Physical activity, Cough peak flow, Pulmonary rehabilitation
Bio-Environmental Adaptation Sciences Louis
Microgravity, Regenerative Medicine, Neuro Rehabilitation, Robotic Rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal Functional research and regeneration Susumu Urakawa Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Basic research
Integrative Physiology   Non invasive electrophysiological assessments for the spinal cord and peripheral nerve function in patients with a neural disorder.  utonomic control of the cardiovascular function during exercise, Elucidating neural circuits related to a sensory processing in the limbs, Assessments for higher brain function related to pain,Experimental study for a monitoring of the spinal cord function during spine surgery, Relationship between motor disorders and spinopelvic alignment, Rehabilitation for patinets after spine surgery, Optimal excercise for avoiding the frailty or sarcopenia
Human Behavior Science of Occupational Therapy Hideki Miyaguchi  
Sensorimotor Neuroscience Hikari Kirimoto Clinical neurophysiology, Non-invasive brain stimulation, Evoked potentials, Motor control, Somatosensory, precise hand movement
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Hitoshi Okamura Psychosocial, Cancer, Older adults, Dementia, Rehabilitation
Analysis and Control of Upper Extremity Function Toru Sunagawa Upper extremity dysfunctions, Hand surgery, Rehabilitation of the hand, Brain functions related to upper extremity, Motion analysis
Gerontological and Community-Based Occupational Therapy Hideaki Hanaoka

Occupational therapy with elders, Reminiscence, Preventive care, Frail elderly, Dementia, Quality of life