Sports Rehabilitation

Prof. Yukio Urabe

【Research Keyword】
Prevention for sports injury, Disabled sports, improvement of performance, study for prevention of falling, development of new technology

【Recent highlights】
Our university is aiming at joining in universities of “top 100 in the world”. In order to achieve this goal, we have to promote ability of study in addition to education and clinical practice. Therefore, we are going to unite and hold up this ideal “Globalization = making English theses” . As part of this ideal, we are going to make efforts every day to accept overseas students and hold international congress for prevention of winter sport’s injury so as to contribute to society.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

In the class of diagnostics and practice of functional ability, we give a lecture about basic theory of evaluation such as range of motion measurement, muscle force measurement and sensory test, which are basics for physical therapists. On the other hand, we give a lecture in the class of physical therapy and practice of exercise to acquire for basics of evaluation and exercise therapy for patients who have orthopedic diseases and central nervous system disorders. In the general of physical therapy for sports injury, we study mechanisms of occurrence, method of evaluation and treatment for diseases such as ankle sprain, muscle strain, shin sprint, and ACL injury which frequently occur in sports athletes. In the particular, we are going to learn how to measure using machines such as isokinetic dynamometers and proprioceptive sensation measuring devices which are used for evaluation after sports injury, and finally aiming at acquiring for knowledge to interpret data obtained from these machines. People who go on to graduate school select the theme from contents of study below and are aiming at taking the master’s or doctor’s degree. In future, they will be active as a leader on the fields of sports or academic institutions in domestics and overseas.

1.Study for prevention of ACL injury
2.Study for prevention of reoccurrence of ankle sprain
3.Study for prevention of low back pain
4.Study for prevention of pitching dysfunction
5.Construction of athletic trainer service system for sport athletes
6.New developments of trunk extension exercise device (exercise machine, exercise item, supporter, industry academia collaboration study)
7.Study for prevention of falling using foot brace (socks) (industry-academia collaboration study)
8.Disaster medicine particularly radiation hazard medicine
9.Study for Disabled sports