Health Informatics

Prof. Miwako Tunematsu

【Research Keyword】
Health, Mathematical model, Infectious disease, Cancer screening, Stroke, Heart attack, Weather condition, Health statistics, Health care system

【Recent highlights】
Recently, the book entitled ‘The ecology of infectious diseases’ was published by Kyoritsu Shuppan (In Japanese, March 2016). There is a chapter in the book I wrote on the dynamics of infectious diseases. Ecological view point is indispensable in eliminating infectious diseases. I hope you read and find the chapter interesting.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Mainly in charge of epidemiology, health statistics and health policy studies. Fundamental mathematics for life sciences, in addition.

Data analysis, mathematical modelling and computer simulation are carried out to analyze population health phenomena. For example, analyses of infectious disease spread and prevention strategies and the effect of cancer screening. The relationships of stroke and heart attack with weather conditions are also analyzed. We are interested in studies on health statistical data and health care systems to challenge public health problems.

【Photo explanation】The cover of the book introduced at Recent highlights.

【Photo explanation】Our research on the relationship between weather condition and stroke appeared in a popular health magazine. (Mook published by Makino Shuppan entitled "Mightiest self health care for strong blood vessels 2015")