Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Prof. Hitoshi Okamura

【Research Keyword】
Psychosocial, cancer, older adults, dementia, rehabilitation

【Recent highlights】
The number of the patients with dementia is increasing steadily, and dementia is recognized as a major social problem. However, rehabilitation of older adults with dementia is still at the trial-and-error stage, and establishing a method of rehabilitation is an urgent task. We are now developing a new rehabilitation system to improve the cognitive function of older adults with dementia in collaboration with a company.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Undergraduate course:We educate basic knowledge, symptoms, and approaches regarding mental disorders for students of nursing course, physical therapy course, and occupational therapy course. Additionally, we teach the importance of communication with patients.

Graduate course:We educate a broad knowledge regarding research planning, research performance, analysis, writing papers, and presentation.

1. Research on rehabilitation focusing on psychosocial aspects
2. Research on cancer rehabilitation
3. Research on rehabilitation for older adults (including dementia)
are carried out by one professor, one lecturer, one assistant professor and 34 postgraduate students.

【Photo explanation】The picture shows the state of one seminar.