Gerontological and Oncology Nursing

【Research Keyword】
Cancer survivorship, Breast cancer, Cancer and cancer therapy-related cognitive impairment, End-of-life care, Caregivers of elderly persons with dementia, Social support

【Recent highlights】
Recently, cognitive changes after cancer therapy have been reported in several studies. We have developed the Japanese version of the scale which was a standardized instrument to evaluate cancer and cancer therapy-related cognitive impairments, and is used around the world. Also, we are putting effort into enlightenment activity of breast cancer with breast cancer survivors and medical professionals. We hope that our activity will contribute to improvement of quality of life in cancer survivors through development and provision of care based on accurate assessments of their needs.

Gerontological nursing and oncology nursing are targeted areas. In the undergraduate course, students are educated nursing for elderly people and their family to enhance their quality of life based on assessments of physical, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects. Medical knowledge, that is pathophysiology, diagnosis, therapy and care of disease specific to elderly people, is provided in the lecture. Students are developed the ability of practicing evidence-based nursing through the practicum. As to oncology nursing, students are taught nursing to prevent, ameliorate and manage cancer-related distress and cancer therapy-related adverse events.

In the graduate course, educational supports for students to clarify their study problem and perform research are provided. Also, advanced practice oncology nurses are trained in the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) certificate program.

1.Cancer survivorship research: Care for patients with cancer and cancer therapy related cognitive changes
2.End-of-life care for patients with cancer: Nursing for promoting Advance Care Planning for patients with cancer
3.Support for caregivers of elderly persons with dementia: Nursing to enhance positive aspects in care for elderly persons with dementia
4.Social support research: Nursing to meet the unmet information needs in patients with breast cancer

【Photo explanation】 Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) certificate program has been established in the Master course on April 2007. Seventeen nurses have graduated from the course and acquired CNS qualification by December 2015. The following-up training has been held on July 2015. A Japanese nurse, who was working as an Advanced Practice Nurse in the US, was invited as a lecturer. We provide the educational support for graduates, and the opportunity of the interchange between them.