School and Public Health Nursing

Prof. Hiromi Kawasaki

【Research Keyword】
home care,health education, data analysis, children, student, resident, regional collaboration, resident's activity

【Recent highlights】
We study with school and community.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We investigate activities of school nurses at affiliated schools and others. Issues on health education involved with community nursing and assessment of related projects are also pursued from a nursing perspective.

Our research area is on health education including support for healthy life at school, kindergarten and nursery, and maintenance and promotion of health of the family, as well as liasion between different fields of profession involved with growth and development of children.

【Photo explanation】 Our research is performed with a public health nurse. Our research contributes to the health of a municipality.

【Photo explanation】 It is important for public health nursing to participate in festival in order to study residents' life and culture.