Midwifery and Maternal-Child Nursing

【Research Keyword】
Becoming a parent, prevention for maltreatment during perinatal period, reproductive health nursing, Breastfeeding, Human milk expression, Neonates, NICU, improving education for midwifery

Under graduate students
・Nursing for women and family in maternity cycle.
・Nursing for health maintenance and promotion, disease prevention and health recovery about reproductive and sexuality.
・The fundamentals of midwifery and responsibilities of midwives’ profession.

Graduate students
Discuss of the characteristics of the health problems and solutions to the life cycle in the viewpoint of perinatal period and Reproductive Health Rights.

・Improvement of nursing care for becoming a parent
・Breastfeeding support
・Breastfeeding support for the high risk neonates
・Quality improvement of the pain management in NICUs
・Development of an educational program of pain management for health care professionals in NICUs.