Community and Public Health Nursing

【Research Keyword】
Public Health Nursing, Home Health Care Nursing, Long-term care Insurance, Family Nursing in Community, Community Health Care Systems

【Recent highlights】
We are conducting research on Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, such as the following.
1.Development of ICT education programs to enhance the family interview force of public health nurse(H Nakatani:2013-2016)
2.Development of Family Nursing Educational Model using ICT Program in Occupational Nursing(H Nakatani:2017-2021)
3.Career support education to the care manager who realizes co-creative care for client of cancer and family(H.Nakatani:2019-2021)

In this laboratory, we are responsible for the education of community health nurse. In Japan, community health nurses are working for public health, home care, occupational health and school nursing. In cooperation with other occupations, we are able to enhance and improve individual citizen's QOL by focusing on specialized profession fields. In addition, one a year, we invite graduates who work in government agencies, and hold exchange meetings for our students and the graduates to deepen their understanding and the learning of the expertise of public health nursing as an alumni association event (see the photos)

Community health is becoming increasingly important in the health care sector, to address aging and declining birthrate in our society. The role of home care and community nurses is to improve health status and QOL. They are working as government nurse, visit nurse, occupational nurse, and school nurse in Japan. Multi Professional cooperation needs for health promotion in community health nursing. Our main themes of research are prevention of lifestyle disease, family support, home care management and evaluation of Long-Term Care Insurance.

【Photo explanation】It’s the lecture for students about public health nursing (1)

【Photo explanation】It’s the lecture for students about public health nursing (2)