Analysis and Control of Upper Extremity Function

Prof. Toru Sunagawa

【Research Keyword】
Upper extremity dysfunctions, Hand surgery, Rehabilitation of the hand, Brain functions related to upper extremity, Motion analysis

【Recent highlights】
We revealed that slower movie has more effective on the motor performance, and one of the reasons is the spread of eye movement area during motion observation. Another topic is the effect of tDCS on the finger sensory, and tDCS had positive effect on sensory disturbance model of the normal subjects.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

In the undergraduate, we teach three topics: kinesiology, orthopedics for rehabilitation, and occupational therapy for physical dysfunctions.

In the graduate school, we educate about three-dimensional motion analysis and brain functions related to upper extremity function and dysfunction.

We have four research interests: pathologic analysis of upper extremity dysfunctions using motion analysis, research on hand surgery, brain functions related to upper extremity using MEG and fNIRS, and detailed measurement of joint movement using three-dimensional CT.

【Photo explanation】Motion analysis during grasp motion. Right figure is Stick figure.