Bio-Environmental Adaptation Sciences

【Research Keyword】
Microgravity, Regenerative Medicine, Neuro Rehabilitation, Robotic Rehabilitation

【Recent highlights】
1.Our proposal entitled “Cranial bone marrow stem cell culture in space for optimized neural regenerative medicine”was selected as a NASA space experiment.
2.We have launched a project research center to achieve regenerative medicine using microgravity environment.
3.We have managed the Society for Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Faculty:Basic Physical Therapy, Adult Neurodevelopmental Physical Therapy

Graduate school:Bio-Environmental Adaptation Science

1.Research on Regenerative Medicine
2.Research on the Effect of Rehabilitation for Central Nervous System Disorder
3.Bio-Reactions to Physical Stimuli on Cellular Level
4.Probe the Mechanism of Muscle and Bone Atrophy Caused by Spaceflight
5.Research on Neuro Rehabilitation