Chronic Care & Family Nursing

Prof. Michiko Moriyama

【Research Keyword】
Population Health Management, Palliative care, Integrated community health care system, Chronic care, Disease management, Family nursing, Health service delivery system

【Recent highlights】
DPP HEALTH PARTNERS CO., LTD, a Hiroshima University venture business company, was established based on our programs which were proven to be effective for the chronic care such as diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, heart failure and stroke. It offers the disease management services to more than 100 health insures and thousands of the insured.

Our graduates from the advanced practice nurse course became a member of Hiroshima Heart Promotion Project which has won a nationwide attention. In addition, the research performance of our graduates was highly appreciated.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Out Adult Nursing (a part of BSN course) is a course designed to provide the core clinical nursing theories/knowledge, attitudes and skills to lead future developments in nursing profession. Our students learn a wide range of health stages, from disease prevention, acute, chronic, recovery/rehabilitation to end-of-life. Emphasis is placed on the importance of competencies in clinical nursing practice combined with in-depth knowledge and evidence-based decision making skills. Students practice at our university hospital, rehabilitation facilities, palliative care units, and home-visit nursing stations in order to integrate knowledge and skills.

In the master’s and doctoral programs, our students study course works, conduct research projects such as improvement of health status levels and QOL of people, development of better health care delivery system in collaboration with businesses, municipal governments and medical institutions. We also provide the Advanced Practice Nurse course, which is internationally promoted, to foster nurses specialized in chronic care nursing. Our unit expects nurses to prepare higher academic and advanced nursing skills. We are actively engaged in international programs and joint projects with other countries.

・Development and Implementation of The Data Health Plan and Population Health Management
・Chronic Care Nursing : Development of Disease Management Programs, Educational materials, and Measurements and Scales
・Advanced Practice Nursing & Advanced case management
・Development of Chronic Care Professional (CCP) competency-based program
・Advance Care Planning
・Health Care Services Delivery System & Outcome Management
・Primary Care
・Family Nursing

【Photo explanation】 Simulation of Assessment for a patient

【Photo explanation】 Practice at ICU