Fundamental Nursing

Prof. Sanae Oriyama

【Research Keyword】
Nursing labor management, nursing education, nursing technology, nursing management, nursing ethics, health education, disease control

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Fundamental Nursing Science is a field that covers the areas of nursing science and the portions of the profession that are the foundation for nursing activities. This course is instructed through practical learning, lectures, and seminars. Undergraduate education has the students gain an understanding of the concepts of nursing, its theory and regulations while they follow the history of its interactions with society and other occupations (Fundamentals of Practical Nursing Science). Also, the students gain an understanding of the components of the basic technology, theory, and analytic problem-solving process required for nursing activities, and they learn fundamental skills and cultivate their ability to apply them (Nursing Diagnosis Methodology Seminar, Basic Nursing Technology Studies Seminar, and Applicability Seminar). The students also learn about the management, ethical, and safety perspectives (Medical Safety and Nursing Ethics, Introduction to Nursing Management, and Introduction to Nursing Pedagogy). Moreover, the undergraduate program enhances the students’ learning through nursing experiences with patients (Fundamental Nursing Practice I, II, III), and it gives them an international perspective (International Nursing Theory) and cultivates their nursing abilities to be applied.

The graduate school education cultivates a better understanding of nursing theory, and the students work on basic research that contributes to the development of the fields of nursing technology, nursing education, and nursing management. Students who complete the graduate course have been trained to become talented individuals who can actively apply their skills in clinical, educational, research, or administrative settings.

Fundamental Nursing Science focuses on the portions of the basic field of nursing science, which have yet to be sufficiently studied to exhaustion. This course approaches nursing from the perspective of its behavioral and psychological aspects that are supported by basic techniques, nurses' support for daily living, teaching methods in nursing, and nursing management. The basic features of the course are as follows:

1.A nursing occupational survey and an examination of nursing management methods for night shifts.
2.Research effective educational methods for fundamental nursing technology.
3.An examination of improving the quality of continued education and a survey of the practical nursing ability.
4.An examination of nursing methods for preventing diseases to compromised patients.
5.An examination of nurses' stress management.