Musculoskeletal Functional research and regeneration

Prof. Susumu Urakawa

【Research Keyword】
Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Basic research

【Recent highlights】
New members of our lab have just started the research project in 2016. We focus the rehabilitative research for the science-based rehabilitation medicine. We pay attention to the emotion as a cognitive neuroscience, and its effects to the rehabilitation medicine.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We educate fundamental medical-basis, human anatomy for Health Science students. This basic knowledge will help you to further understanding of medical education. Also, we educate rehabilitation sciences, such as introduction of the rehabilitation, neurology for the rehabilitation, children’s rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

1.Brain activity during the rehabilitative motor-task
2.How does the physiotherapy improve the musculoskeletal functions including the muscular or neuropathic pain?
3.The effects of enriched environment on brain plasticity
4.Development of the rehabilitation therapy for motor dysfunction with obesity and diabetes