Surgical Oncology

Prof. Morihito Okada

【Research Keyword】
Surgical oncology, Esophageal cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Mesothelioma, Surgery, Endoscopic surgery, Thoracosocopic surgery, Chemotherapy, Chemoradiotherapy, Immunotherapy, Oncogenes, Gene therapy, PET, Biomarker, Liquid biopsy

【Recent highlights】
In the recent years, circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) have attracted a lot of attention and interest in the field of cancer biomarkers. Our large-scale data of each carcinoma may provide a new diagnostic approach for the early detection of each carcinoma and for forecasting prognosis of each carcinoma.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

The goals of the education on our department are to learn the diagnostics and therapeutics on the field of surgical oncology, especially lung cancer, breast cancer and esophageal cancer under the guidance of the mentor. Our department Research activities have been particularly focused on experimental and clinical aspects of multidisciplinary treatment of cancer. Our staff members play important roles as opinion-leaders in surgical oncology in Japan. The number of publications and presentations are increasing year by year.

The main research subjects can be summarized as follows:
1.New surgical approaches for pulmonary, gastrointestinal and mammary malignancies
2.Multimodal therapy for cancer including chemotherapy, chemoradiotherapy and immunotherapy
3.Oncogenes and gene therapy for cancer
4.Quality of life in cancer patients
5.Cancer immunology and biological reactions
6.New diagnostic approaches for malignancies
7.Late onset effects of the atomic bomb explosion in terms of malignancies.

【Photo explanation】 RATS (Robot-Assisted Thoracic Surgery) adopted for lung cancer, esophageal cancer and mediastinal tumor

【Photo explanation】 Surgical technique seminar regularly held for new residents

【Photo explanation】 Scene at the laboratory