An Overview of Admission


Master's course: 28
Doctorate course: 14


For Master's course:
In principle, graduation from university undergraduate course, or equivalent level of learning.

For Doctorate course:
Completion of Master's course, or equivalent level of learning.

Both courses require sufficient Japanese language skills.

Selection Process

Master's course

  • Thesis examination: This is designed to examine the applicant's level of modern common sense, reasoning skills and writing ability. It does not measure the applicant's specialist knowledge.

  • Interview: Emphasis is placed on the applicant's awareness of the research topic, ability to explain it and motivation to study.

Doctorate course

  • Oral examination: This is based on the documentation submitted by the applicant, including research proposals and Master's theses. It is designed to gauge the degree of consistency of the applicant's specified research topic with practical experience, to ensure that it is specific and achievable, and to measure whether or not the applicant has the specialist knowledge and linguistic skills needed to complete a doctorate.