Interaction Area User Guide


  • HU Faculty and staff
  • Those who are from outside of HU but have purposes below;
    • (1) Holding public lectures, study groups, qualification exams, academic societies, etc.
    • (2) At the request of public institutions, local public organizations, neighborhood associations, etc.
    • (3) Events that are recognized as leading to the university's social cooperation activities.
  • *Priority is given to international collaboration, regional collaboration, and industry-academia collaboration projects.

Opening time/ Closed days, etc.

Closed days:Year-end and New Year holidays, and the days deemed particularly necessary by the facility manager
Opening time:As a general rule, 9:00-20:00
Usage period:As a general rule, within one week in a row

Booking procedures

  • It is possible to reserve the conference room etc. from 6 months in advance of the intended date of use to two days before.
    If the day before is a holiday, please make a reservation by noon on the last business day before the holiday.
  • Reservations by HU Faculty and staff
    • Apply via the link below. (Available for HU faculty or staff only)
    • Reservations are not confirmed upon submitting the form. We will send a confirmation email later.
  • Reservations by HU students or from off-campus
    • Please fill in the required information on the Usage Application Form, and send it via email to the Administration Office.
      You can download the Usage Application Form here.
    • The Application Form is also available at the reception desk of the Administration Office.
      The Administration Office email
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Administration Office by phone.
    Phone number:082-424-8920(Available hours: 9: 00-18: 00(except Sundays and holidays))
  • To pay the accommodation fee, you can use a cashless payment or cash.
    Cashless payment is available with the following brands.
    【credit card】VISA、mastercard、UnionPay、JCB、AMEX、Diners Club、Discover Card
    【e-money】iD、Rakuten Edy、WAON、nanaco、Suica、PASMO、Kitaca、toICa、manaca、ICOCA、PiTaPa、SUGOCA、nimoca、Hayakaken
    【overseas payment services】Alipay、WeChatPay

Usage fee, etc.

Type Size Capacity Seats Usage fee per hour for who are from outside of HU Usage fee per hour for study groups
Multi-Purpose Space 234㎡ 60 people 7,000Yen 3,500Yen
Community Kitchen 26㎡ - 700Yen 300Yen
Main Conference Room 122㎡ 72 people 3,600Yen 1,800Yen
Small Meeting Room No.3 36㎡ 18 people 1,000Yen 500Yen

*For the use of other conference rooms, please contact the Administration Office.

*During the application period of "pre-emergency measures (まん延防止等重点措置)", as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the capacity was set to about 50% of the normal capacity in order to avoid the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings) in the conference room etc.

Reservation status


  • Vending machines of drinks, cup noodles, bread, snacks etc. are on the 1st floor.
  • There is a copying machine on the 1st floor.
    You can use black and white copying for 10 yen per sheet (A4, A3 size) and color copying for 40 yen per sheet (A4, A3 size).
Vending machines

Vending machines

Copying machine

Copying machine

Floor guide (1st Floor)

Floor guide (2nd Floor)