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Hiroshima University Open Campus 2022

*Hiroshima University Open Campus 2022 has ended. Thank you very much for coming.

  • Dates: August 18th (Thu.) & 19th (Fri.) , 2022 
    *To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, advance entry by individuals is required.(Advance entry is now closed.)
    *If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, a lottery will be held.
  • Place: Each school, Higashi-Hiroshima Campus (Higashi-Hiroshima City), Kasumi and Higashi-Senda Campus (Hiroshima City)
  • Online contents continues to be available, so please visit here.

Schedule List  (Japanese Page)

  For a list of schedules, please click here.

  • Dates and times differ depending on the school.
  • The same program will be conducted in the morning and afternoon, respectively.


Programs (Japanese Page)

Advance Entry for Open Campus  ※Advance entry is now closed.

 ※Advance entry is now closed.

  • Advance Entry will begin on Tuesday, July 19.
    In order to accommodate as many participants as possible, only one undergraduate program may be applied for (multiple applications are not accepted, except for the President's Lecture).

        Advance Entry period: From Tuesday, July 19, 12:00 pm to Monday, August 1, 12:00 noon

  • Advance Entry are not accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply before the deadline.
    *Priority will be given to high school seniors and students preparing for entrance examinations for programs that are oversubscribed after the applcation period.
  • For more information, click here.(Japanese Page)

Important notice regarding measures for the infection prevention

  • Open Campus 2022 will be held after taking measures for the infection prevention.
  • Please note that the contents of the Open Campus may be subject to change or cancellation depending on future infection or weather conditions such as typhoons. 

  For more information, please click here(Japanese Page)

Online Consultations(in Japanese)※Advance entry is now closed.

The following online individual consultations will be held in conjunction with the Open Campus.

  • School of Integrated Arts and Sciences
  • Office of Admissions (higher education and entrance examinations)
  • Global Career Design Center (Employment)
  • Global Initiatives Group (Study abroad)
  • Student Services Group (Scholarships, entrance and tuition fee exemptions)
  • Accessibility Center (Support for students with disabilities)
  • Gender Equality Promotion Office (Online Tea Ceremony)
  • Hiroshima University Consumer's Cooperative Union "OZ" (Consultation on anything by students)

   Advance Entry period: July 19 (Tue.) 12:00 pm - August 8 (Mon.) 12:00 pm 

*Mainly Japanese-language services will be provided.
*Advance Entry will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
*If you are participating in a on-campus program, please apply during a time when you can consult from your home or other locations, excluding the time of the participating program.

For more information, please click here(Japanese Page)

Online contents

  • Various online contents such as campus introduction videos, videos introducing each faculty, mock classes, etc.

    For more information, please click here(Japanese Page)

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