[Research] Tumor energy source found by scientists at Hiroshima University, University of Cincinnati and Keio University

Nature Cell Biology

From the paper IMPDH2 upregulation is critical for nucleolar transformation in GBM. Nature Cell Biology

UC researchers unlock cancer cells’ feeding mechanism, central to tumor growth

The findings could lead to new treatments by blocking tumor growth at its roots.

An international team led by researchers from the University of Cincinnati and Japan’s Keio and Hiroshima universities has discovered the energy production mechanism of cancerous cells that drives the growth of the nucleolus and causes tumors to rapidly multiply.

The findings, published Aug. 1 in the journal Nature Cell Biology, could lead to the development of new cancer treatments that would stop tumor growth by cutting the energy supply to the nucleolus.


Full bibliographic information

Journal: Nature Cell Biology, volume 21, pages 1003–1014(2019)
Title: IMP dehydrogenase-2 drives aberrant nucleolar activity and promotes tumorigenesis in glioblastoma
Authors: Kofuji, S., Hirayama, A., Sasaki, A., et al.

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