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Experimental Station of Medicinal Medical Plants


As one of the educational research facilities for an affiliated institution of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Experimental Station of Medicinal Medical Plants is located on the east side of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Building at Kasumi Campus. The Station where various medicinal plants are cultivated and exhibited, aims to promote pharmaceutical education and academic research.
In the specimen garden where approximately 160 species of plant seeds are stored, medicinal plants including different herbs are grown and displayed, while in the greenhouse, tropical and subtropical plants are grown and displayed.
Moreover, approximately 400 crude drug samples are preserved on shelves (6th floor of the pharmaceutical research building).



Position Name
Director Professor Mikihisa Takano
Vice-Director Associate Professor
Sachiko Yamano
Facility Area Detail
Herbarium 1,130 ㎡ 158 species:
   84 plant species
   74 tree species
Cultivated land 660 ㎡
Greenhouse 130 ㎡
Administration Office 180 ㎡ Seminar room    (24 seats)

  1971  Herb garden (tentative name)was established.
  1980  Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants was established as an affiliated institution
            of Faculty of Medicine.
  2006  Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants was shifted to Faculty of Pharmaceutical
            Sciences from Faculty of Medicine.

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Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00 to 16:00
 ※If you wish to visit our garden, please contact us by phone or
   email below.

【Contact information】
 ●Tel: 082-257-5285 (Sachiko Yamano)
 ●Email: ssugimot(AT)
  ※(AT) should be replaced by @.
  If you apply by email, you shall download an application form
  below, fill in it and send it with your email.

Vice-Director:Associate Professor Sachiko Yamano

We have welcomed many visitors regardless of age, profession and nationality to our station to observe and enjoy various herbal plants.
We look forward to having you visit here.