Message from the Dean

Educational mission of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dean, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mikihisa Takano

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hiroshima University consists of 2 Programs; Program of Pharmaceutical Sciences (6-year program) and Program of Medicinal Sciences (4-year program). At Program of Pharmaceutical Sciences, we aim to educate pharmacists who can significantly contribute the pharmacotherapy of patients as a member of a medical team, and who can develop a novel pharmacotherapy. At Program of Medicinal Sciences and the following graduate school, we aim to educate pharmaceutical scientists who will be responsible for the future drug discovery and development in Japan and in the world.

Join us, and enjoy the general classes, student practices, seminars, and cutting-edge research on pharmaceutical sciences at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hiroshima University.


Mikihisa Takano, Ph.D. is a Professor of Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences since 1996, and is the Dean of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hiroshima University since 2016. He received his Ph.D. (1986) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kyoto University. Dr. Takano worked at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School as Research Fellow in Medicine (1987-1988 with Prof. K.J. Isselbacher), and at Department of Pharmacy, Kyoto University Hospital as Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Associate Professor, and Vice Director (1988-1996 with Prof. R. Hori and Prof. K. Inui). He received Young Investigator's Awards from The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (JSSX, 1994) and The Membrane Society of Japan (MSJ, 1995), and is a JSSX Fellow since 2009. He is an important member of various academic societies including JSSX (Council member), MSJ (President), The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ), The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology-Japan (APSTJ), Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences (JSPHCS), International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX), and American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS). His research interests include the membrane transport of drugs, receptor-mediated endocytosis of drugs and proteins, and drug-induced organ toxicity and its prevention. He is a recipient of JSSX Award in 2015 for his outstanding achievements in these research fields.